Kaun Banega Lakhpati This Programme is an attempt to flush out a repository of hidden knowledge, that some of the youth in the city have teamed up with. The Programme aims to enhance people's knowledge.

Entertainment gives educated people in the country a chance to live their life dreams. The light of knowledge from the corners of the country is a means of mist and presenting it to the world.

Through this Programme, our effort is to make a lot of progress in our country and every section of the country, and to make a lot of new work and to flourish.


With Thanks & Well Wishes

Dulare Ansari (Producer of Programme)

Koun Banega Lakhpati

Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: Register yourself to play KBL on our website https://www.kblindia.com/#registration.

Step 2: The second step of KBL Season1 registration process would be screening.

Step 3: The third step of registration would be an online audition on a general knowledge test.

Register for Kaun Banega Lakhpati Season1

1. Open the https://www.kblindia.com

2. Click on the Registration link.

3. Answer the registration question that pops up.

4. Fill in your details on the form that appears.

5. Click on submit.

As per the income tax laws in India, the IT department deducts a flat 30.9% from the prize you have won. And, it's not specific to KBL, the tax is deducted from any prize money you win from any contest/quiz or lottery.

KBC Auditions Details :

1. Please select your answer option (A/B/C/ D) for the general knowledge based question to complete the registration process

2. The Auditionees will have to sign in online on website on the date and time as allotted to such respective Auditionees.

To Play KBL from Your Home, KBL will send web link to Play Online.

Actor Prakash Awasthi

KBL will send web link to Play Online.

Potential participants have to answer these correctly in order to have a chance to be on the hot seat.

Who’s The Speaker

Prakash Awasthi

Prakash Awasthi




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